Korea condemnation United States can be passed new sanction of government of one wheel pair is second reading

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Xinhua News 武汉夜品茶网Agency makes the same score soil o东莞夜生活论坛n August 1 report (reporter Cheng Dayu) Korea will condemn United114夜网论坛 States Congress to was passed recently on August 1 new round of punish that waits for a country in the light of Korea is second reading, the “ that states the United States is to the punish of exotic nation its are adopted to realize oneself profit only is shameless ” method. According to report of the company in face, korea foreign affairs saves a spokesman to expressed that day, the new sanction that the United States can pass the near future to be an object with Korea, Russia and Iran is second reading, cause international to the society is condemned and object. The United States enlarges the means such as exit to promote the go114夜网论坛al of native economy through ensuring energy market is mixed to come true, not hesitate to be a method with punish, wanton the national interest that violates adversary and even ally. And the United States serves to be mixed at its control Asia-Pacific to government sanction seek hegemony the ambition of the world. The spokesman says, the United States is minatory to the punish of Korea, the volition that can let Korea people build socialistic power through free-standing self-improvement means only is more sturdy. American Boule voted with what high bank note holds with on July 25 the sanction that passed to be aimed at Russia, Iran a武汉夜网论坛nd Korea the Three Kingdoms as a result is second reading. American senate also voted on July 27 through this punish second reading. According to relevant and legislative process, this are second reading will hand in next be signed by American president Telangpu or overrule. Be aimed at this punish second reading, beijing of Russia president general and Iranian president Luhani all express to will adopt measure to give response. Original title: Korea condemnation United长沙夜生活论坛 States can be passed new sanction of government of one 佛山夜网论坛wheel pair is second reading[……]

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An Beixin cabinet weighs me many times to bother chancellery of general affairs pestering a body to be exposed to the sun to be suspected of evading death tax

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After Japanese premier installs times advance 3 days 3 to change inter block cabinet, rate of popular wishes support picks up “ range is narrow ” , meanwhile, after partial new member of the cabinet assumes office be exploded qu佛山夜品茶网ickly to give negative news. After installing times cabinet to reorganization, japanese mainstream media undertakes in succession temporarily public opinion poll. Joint company investigation shows, install times ministerial support to lead for 44.4% , relatively before the month rises 8.6 percent. ” read sell news ” , ” Japanese economy news ” , ” daily news ” the supportive rate that surveys is respectively 42% , 42% with 35% , relatively on the month also picks up somewhat. On the other hand, in each ci重庆夜品茶网vilian attune, rate of new ministerial support is general under do not support rate, show numerous people is right install times cabinet still distrust. Joint company says, install times cabinet to reorganization aim to “ brushs ” of new personality thing and borrow this to redeem popular feeling, but a few new ministerial members just assume office 3 days two to appear be absent condition, be oppugned even insufficient. Hold the post of foreign minister river newly wild too man goes to Philippine Manila 6 days to attend east conference of alliance minister of foreign affairs, begin its diplomatic hea西安夜生活论坛d is beautiful. 10 abroad grow alliance east in, attend Japan and east alliance minister of foreign affairs talks have 56 only. After first days of talk ends, the river is wild to day intermediary calm bear “ still fails to show individual colour ” . Joint company is announced, the river is wild when with first Lin Yucheng of the 2nd minister communicates diplomacy of talk object Brunei and trade department, with its father, before wild ocean of foreign minister and river of numerous courtyard prolocutor is smooth will eliminate intense sentiment for the topic. Install times cabinet this to reorganization claim to want to let ” of “ adept person hold the position o114夜网论坛f due position, but the Okinawa north that joins cabinet first takes on iron grinds Xiang Jiangqi 5 days to say in interview, oneself are northward to “ problem of 4114夜网论坛 islands ” is “ dilettante ” , the “ when planning to rejoin in congress reads aloud the manuscript ” of governmental orgnaization to make a speech in ord重庆夜品茶网er to avoid a mistake, cause public opinion in an uproar. Install does opposition congressman think times be in again appoint is dilettante, the aptitude that regards cabinet as an associate in office to Jiang Qi raises doubt. Joint company says, river Qi iron grinds apologies of 7 days of a slip of the tongue to oneself, but express not to plan to resign. Hold the post of the Son of God of open field of general affairs chancellery newly to be suspected of evading death tax by media exposure. According to investigation, the father of wild Tian Shengzi donates fund from the group of 3 politics fund that begins to belong to to her 14 years ago, die till September 2015 till, donate amount to had exceeded 80.5 million yen (add up to) of 4.88 million yuan of RMBs about. Although political contribution is nonexistent pay taxes problem, dan Yetian father female donate what behavior existence evades death tax this kind to disrelish. What hold the position of as a result of wild Tian Shengzi is general affairs chancellery, responsible superintendency congressman people political capital uses a case, this explodes material equipment gets public opinion attention. ” Japanese economy news ” say, add plan the investigation of the problem such as lyceum still afoot, install the explanation of times to did not obtain national self-identity. Popular wishes changes apparently to installing the distrust of times government to reorganization and did not have because of cabinet. To the negative news that following sb’s heels and comes, review of Japanese newsletter agency says, an Beixin’东莞夜网论坛s ministerial astatic element “ is far did not eliminate ” . [be stationed in Lu Hao of Li Zhen of reporter of Japanese engage by special arrangement’s reporter] original title: An Beixin cabinet weighs me many times to bother chancellery of general affairs pestering a body to be exposed to the sun to be suspected of evading death tax[……]

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Korea PM2.5 level already exceeded cautionary level this year first ” fall haze an emergency measures ” release

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Ministry of environment of ­   Korea releases a message to say, in view of the contaminant of atmosphere fine grained that already monitored (PM2.5) the level already exceeded relevant and cautionary level, from local time on January 13 6 when case to that day 21 when stop, be in Korea head Er, Ren Chuan and area of 114夜网论坛section of road 114夜网论坛thing capital city and its environs to release first “ since 2019 to fall ” of haze an emergency measures. 长沙夜品茶网” of “ an emergency measures includes to limit electricenergy production of power plant of Korea part fire佛山夜网论坛power, shorten time of construction site construction, dispatch road sweeps people长沙夜品茶网 of car, appeal to redu东莞夜品茶网ce a travel to wait. (CCTV reporter Tang Xi重庆夜生活论坛n) original title: Korea is released this year first ” fall haze an emergency measures “[……]

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Sakashenweili is malcontent Wu Kelan citizenship is cancelled to say to want a pineapple Shen Ke to draw get down from a horse

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Shen Ke of Wukela东莞夜网论坛n’s president pineapple signed   of   of ­ of benefit of dimension of assorted of card of ­   Sa on July 26 command, does rice of the bey before city of Sa of heart of the president before Yingelujiya, Wu Kelan Ao with a ha depend on Er? Ceng Wei of benefit of dimension of Sa card assorted obtains Wu Kelan citizenship to provide an individual to black immigrant mechanism false information, the decision cancels citizenship of its Wu Kelan. This message 长沙夜生活论坛got immigration office of Wu Kelan state and Gelujiya that day of office of total chief procurator confirm. After this Sa blocks assorted dimension him benefit to state he already was in the United States personally. Media coverage says Wukelan of much recently home, sakashenweili will go back to the motherland on July 28, and its lawyer expresses, when to go back to the motherland to Sakashenweili not know the inside story. ­   occupies Russian new company on July 30 message, sakashenweili is accepting Gelujiya ” Lusidawe重庆夜生活论坛i 2 ” when the TV station is interviewed, express, wait for him to return base complementary when, regular meeting draws Shen Ke of Wukelan’s president pineapple重庆夜网论坛 get down佛山夜生活论坛 from a horse. Sa blocks say of assorted dimension benefit, “Pineapple Shen Ke cannot cast off me anyhow, contrarily, solidarity of opposition of all Wu Kelan was in his behavior one case… the case that there are a lot of leaders to want to drive a country out of his anti on the history, but when coming back, anti pulled down leader however. This will happen in Wukelan. My arrival will topple114夜网论坛 regime of pineapple Shen Ke, we can return Wukelan with brand-new position. " Sakashenweili still weighs ­   , pineapple Shen Ke visits Gelujiya at coming 19 days on July 7, does datival Ex-premier Lujiya finish during Qi Na? Yimonisheweili held a secret to meet, during both sides is meeting with respect to procuratorial work 114夜网论坛of case Lu Jiya member just offer concerned Sakashenweili to black of crime ” false ” evidence was reached consistent. (The exercitation compiles: Guo Tian is sweet go over a manuscript or draft: Qi Ying)[……]

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Refus of taxi driver of Australian dimension state carries a problem to be complained badly by polite anger

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In ­   report occupied new network on July 31 Australia network coverage, the file that announced recently shows, taxi driver of Australian dimension state holds an issue because of refus serious, refus carries reason to bring a passenger furious, be called ” scampish ” driver. ­   is based on information freedom way this to obtain the file of public data to announce, “Scampish ” taxi driver people do not know a way in order to pretend, pretend tired come refus carries a passenger. Because want to earn more money, thousands of taxi driver people refus carries short distance passenger; In addition, because the return trip is distant, they as much refus carries the passenger with excessively long-distance distance. ­   report shows, the passenger complains weigh impatient taxi driver people drive rapidly, so that their hand is mixed leg subsequently rock. When r西安夜品茶网eturning some taxi drivers to oppugn its refus to hold an account in the passenger, throw their baggage on the road di114夜网论坛rectly. &s东莞夜品茶网hy;   passenger complains most is, a lot of taxi driver refus carry the passenger that reachs adjacent suburban district from CBD or Melbourne airport, these greedy drivers because want to make money more, refuse 35 bay yuan to 60 bay yuan the distance that charge differs. ­   it is reported, the most astonishing complain include: A pregnant woman that wants to go t114夜网论坛o a hospital was carried by refus, driver ” rudely ” state the distance is too short, fare is too little; The distance that knows to need to be this 9 kilometers to helping the connubial defendant of N东莞夜网论坛orthcote from South Asia pays 70 bay yuan; Because a pair of couples ask to stand to the Camberwell around from Glenferrie and was spat by the taxi driver saliva; Female of a blind is rejected illegally by the taxi driver when pulling重庆夜网论坛 open door, do not think those who carry her to guide because of this driver blind dog. ­   report says, come from January 2016 on March 31, 2017, the passenger served committee to put forward many cases 200 to武汉夜生活论坛 complain to the taxi. However, complain in 208 in, only 14 drivers received punishment to inform, 19 drivers got serve notice on. ­   is right this, luo Salu of chairman of taxi service committee (Aaron De Rozario) expresses, only one fraction driver rejects short distance passenger for many times. He says, “The taxi driver must remember, their client is the public, refus carries short distance passenger to be able to damage the reputation of driver oneself and whole industry. Refus carries short distance passenger to be able to damage the reputation of driver oneself and whole industry..[……]

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Foreign Minister Wang Yi makes known his position to resolution of Korea of punish of U.N. Security Council

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­   guides in 佛山夜品茶网the light of the ejaculation of Korea near future behavior, local time on August 5, u.N. Security Coun东莞夜生活论坛cil passes the 2371st resolution that the United States drafts consistently, the decision implements sanction to Korea, prohibit Korea export mineral products and sea product, prohibit each country and Korea set a joint ventures to wait. Resolution emphasized safeguarding Korea peninsula and whole northeast at the same time inferior area peace and stable value, acceptance solves Korea peninsula problem with means of peace, diplomacy, politics, the appeal resumes 6 talks. ­   is aimed at this resolution, foreign Minister Wang Yi expresses when accepting CCTV reporter to visit, resolution aims nucleus of Korea of more effective stem guides development process, at the same time the appeal restarts 6 talk. Still just hope to each just consider seriously and accept double time-out proposal in. ­   Foreign Minister Wang Yi: Today before dawn, u.N. Security Council was passed new 2371 resolution that involve Korea p佛山夜品茶网eninsula situation, regard U.N. as the permanent member of Security Council, we are among the process, act on mix objectively just footing, developed bear the blame and constructive action. This new resolut114夜网论坛ion, have the content of two respects: Above all, it is to be aimed at Korea to disobeyed this kind of behavior that the decision of Security Council, ceaseless ejacu东莞夜网论坛lation guides to make necessary response. The purpose of this kind of necessary reaction, it is for effectively stem the nucleus of Korea guides the process; of development at the same time on the other hand, a very main component in this resolution, appeal namely should restart 6 talk, emphasize wanting to use the method of diplomacy and politics, with peaceful means, will solve the nuclear problem of the peninsula, should prevent condition especially farther insecurity and upgrade. I think content of this two respects is very serious, cannot do one thing and neglect another. Punish is need, but punish is长沙夜网论坛 not ultimate goal absolutely. The purpose is to want to pullback peninsula nucleus problem to the front of conference table, will seek final settlement through negotiating method, till achieve the lasting stability and durable peace of peninsula denuclearize and peninsula. After this resolution is passed, the situation of peninsula nucleus problem enters a very crucial node, we appeal each can with the manner that bear the blame, will make oneself judgement, will decide oneself action, want to avoid the insecurity with farther condition to upgrade especially. We still want to try hard to seek the way that solves a problem through negotiating between current condition, for this, the proposal of the double time-out that still just hopes to each just consider seriously and accept us to put forward in, this is current most practical, also be most a plan of fair and reasonable. This plan can alleviate current nervous condition, can solve the care on each the dearest safety, also can be created to search peace talks a good luck and adjust, find a breach of peace talks namely, so we a proposal of double time-114夜网论坛out also got more and more countries and the understanding of a few a man of insight and support essentially, I believe regular meeting gets more self-identity are mixed accept. ­[……]

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Lian Fei two days of uneasy sentiments spread day beauty flies ” osprey ” case the upper and lower teeth not meeting properly

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Japanese defense saves message personage 9 days to say, the U.S. Army that be stationed in day disregards the opposition of Japanese government, already successive two days fly in Japanese churchyard transport of “ osprey ” . This month 5 days, transport of ” of osprey of “ of an U.S. Army drops around bank of Australian the East China Sea the sea, 3 person dies. The plane that because be stationed in the base between day of general of day U.S. Army,this accide114夜网论坛nt frequency 重庆夜生活论坛sends a large number of deploy, okinawa in the sky ” of common “ osprey has flown, the uneasiness that this news causes Okinawa people and object a mood. [fly two days repeatedly] transport of ” of osprey of a MV-22 “ is in   5 days Australia Kun Shilan city Xiaoerwote drops near the bay the sea, 23 person is rescued, leatherneck of 3 United States dies. Morrow, beauty of Japanese government demand just is in Japan churchyard is temporary transport of ” of osprey of “ of grounding of aircraft. But according to Japan personage of defensive province message discloses, ” of osprey of a “ fal114夜网论坛ls 7 days since the base between day of general of the U.S. Army that be stationed in day; ” of two “ osprey takes off 8 days from the base between general day, returned this base later on that day. Magisterial Jian Yiwei confirms room of Japanese ministerial official 9 days, japanese government already asked the United States just is in Japan truly churchyard is comprehensive transport of ” of osprey of “ of grounding of aircraft. Not only the requirement that Japanese administration just conveys ” of osprey of “ of grounding of aircraft to the United States, okinawa county government just also conveys protest 8 days to the United States. However, be stationed in the Okinawa county重庆夜网论坛 that before Nikeersen tells · of highest and magisterial Lawrence 8 days, Okinawa U.S. Army protests deputy Fu Chuancheng knowing a thing fierce, “‘ osprey ’ flies in the whole world is (the United States) the guiding principle ” of the army, reject demand of grounding of aircraft clearly. The bend that “ osprey ” is production of design of company of American shellfish Er and Boeing company combination turns gyroplane. In recent years, frequency of this transport accident is sent. This year in April, respect of American Marine Corps ever disclosed, transport of “ osprey ” is the closest 5 years great (A class) accident rate is time of every 100 thousand hours of flight about 3. 44, exceed the average accident rate of plane of contemporaneity Marine Corps apparently. [day just resents]   Okinawa county knows job father in law to grow male annals 8 days to meet to hold the post of Okinawa and northward and domanial general affairs newly to take on iron of chancellery river Qi is ground, offer to will allow an U.S. Army to be in no longer henceforth to latter transport of ” of osprey of “ of arrange of Okinawa region interior. Japanese media reports, the U.S. Army shows level to be between Okinawa general day base deploy ” of osprey of many 20 MV-22 “ . 5 days are near bank of Australian the East China Sea the arrange of former cadre of “ osprey ” of crash is between Japanese general day base, “ of United States bay is attending to protect joint military exercise of body sabre ” when the accident. Last year in December, ” of osprey of a “ is in the U.S. Army that be stationed in day Okinawa county eaves sheds crash of hemp city maritime space, 5 unit staff is wounded. After the accident, weng Changxiong records says this removes accident “ to make a person extremely indignant ” , the name protects municipal committee an official calls “ osprey ” is ” of product of flaw of a “ , ought not to allow to take off at all. In addition, river Qi iron grinds 8 days to allude ” of osprey of U.S. Army “ drops around bank of Australian the East China Sea when sea be related, express infrequently, be stationed in position of law of day U.S. Army to the regulation " agreement of day beautiful position " “ must make modification …… should say with the United States a bit, should say ” . Day beautiful two countries was signed 1960 ” agreement of day beautiful position ” , when the cause trouble when the regulation suffers the nonmilitary personnel that is hired in job of base of the U.S. Army that be stationed in day and martial personnel to carry out official business 东莞夜生活论坛perhaps commits a crime, the U.S. Army that be stationed in day enjoys first administration of justice jurisdictional, gifted essentially pay of exempt of judicatory of this one group. Every time when personnel commits a crime in Okinawa related the U.S. Army or American military plan produces an accident, th[……]

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Now news head

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The department of defense: Chinese Nanhai view is not controlled by any country in the morning, united States of prep close behind prevents long Carter to speak in lira of the 14th sweet case after the theme on the meeting makes a speech, chinese department of defense held a small-sized press conference, state to what Carter involves Nanhai issue in the speech made a response. Chinese country. . . 2015-05-31 10:42 origin: ? ? of the north that be not the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome the modification that hopeful of tax reform program publishs to want to accord with the comprehensive characteristic that ask for a canal to pass more than 10 years first inside year, duty reforms sch佛山夜品茶网eme eventually hopeful comes on stage. Transmit is approved to change in the State Council appoint ” the opinion that works about deepening economic system to reform a key 2015 ” (next weighing opinion) , individual income tax changes. . . 2015-05-31 08:26 origin: ? Zhejiang of Xi Jinping of? of  of discharge   closes to 5 years strategy of program figuration the eastpart part restarts all right in new network on May 29 electric the Communist Party of China 18 big hind, xi Jinping is returned first once advocate politics Zhejiang makes an on-the-spot investigation, chair in place hold Hua Dong informal discussion of chief of 7 provinces city. To this, hong Kong ” big bulletin ” analysis of article of 29 daily newspaper points to the website, this not only. . . 2015-0西安夜网论坛5-29 16:19 origin: ? ?2014 of huge rock of discharge  contraction year manpower resource and bulletin of statistic of progress of social security career (full text) resource of 2014 year manpower and issue date of bulletin of statistic of progress of social securit东莞夜生活论坛y career: 2015-05-28&nbs. . . 2015-05-28 11:36 origin: ? Four ψ tries porcelain to black Ba U is fond of bureau of statistic of guest  ? : Did 49969 yuan of two industries exceed countrywide average wage 2014 is the whole nation average 100 thousand yuan last year how much is salary? Are you hinder sb of countrywide average level not? 2015-05-28 08:32 origin: ? Our country of this? of ┣ A Ou builds two large beacon to raise Beijing of xinhua net of shipping voyage safety in Nanhai start working on May 26 report on May 26, traffic Department of Transportation holds Na Sha beacon to build start working ceremony in reef of Hua Yang of our country The Nansha Islands. According to introducing, to promote Na Shahai region civil navigation aids boat ability, traffic Department of Transportation will be in Hua Yang reef. . . 2015-05-27 15:56 origin: ? Xi Jinping of salary  ? : Public natural resources cannot be forestall of small number of people to cannot produce day of unhealthy tendency 26 Xi Jinping comes to exhibition of Hangzhou town planning afternoon, understanding city building is overall circumstance. Listening to west lake periphery when work of meeting place repair is reported, the secretary-general points out: Public natural resources cannot be enjoyed for forestall of small number of people, cannot do more frame-up. . . 2015-05-27 15:23 origin: ? Salary  embraces? China and Russia to release World War II to win 70 years to state jointly (full text) local time on May 25, china and Russia are published in Moscow ” in Russian eleventh annulus the combination that strategic safety consults to reach U.N. to hold water 70 years about victory of Second World War states ” . State full text is as follows jointly: In Russian eleventh. . . 2015-05-26 10:31 origin: ? ? of  of Tun hesitating guest is unscrambled ” martial strategy of China ” white paper highlights maritime war fight to prepare this first is the 2015-05-26 10:2 of white paper of the 9th national defence that since 1998 Chinese government publishs2 origin: ? ? of ネ of discharge  Cui ” martial strategy of China ” white paper releases armament to draw attention now in report occupied new network on May 26 the message that comes from website of department of defense, office of news of Chinese the State Council will be published 26 days ” martial strategy of China ” white paper. This is China issues 114夜网论坛national defence white paper the 9th times, also be with special subject the form is published the 2nd. . . 2015-05-26 08:50 origin: ? Xinhua News Agency of? of huge rock of discharge  contraction: If the United States enters Chinese island reef consequence of 12 sea mile is very serious (full text) latter, american stratocracy two bounds some people relapse air force of sea of bewitch United States should enter reef of Chinese Nanhai island inside 12 sea mile. The United States if really so did, it is the crude trample of territorial to China sovereign rights, it is extremely serious to Sino-US relation harm, yes. . . 2015-05-25 10:31 origin: ? Tibet of salary  ? appoints 3 municipalities vice-chairman to still be belonged to in the whole nation first standing committee of National People’s Congress of t[……]

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