Korea condemnation United States can be passed new sanction of government of one wheel pair is second reading

Xinhua News 武汉夜品茶网Agency makes the same score soil o东莞夜生活论坛n August 1 report (reporter Cheng Dayu) Korea will condemn United

States Congress to was passed recently on August 1 new round of punish that waits for a country in the light of Korea is second reading, the “ that states the United States is to the punish of exotic nation its are adopted to realize oneself profit only is shameless ” method. According to report of the company in face, korea foreign affairs saves a spokesman to expressed that day, the new sanction that the United States can pass the near future to be an object with Korea, Russia and Iran is second reading, cause international to the society is condemned and object. The United States enlarges the means such as exit to promote the go

al of native economy through ensuring energy market is mixed to come true, not hesitate to be a method with punish, wanton the national interest that violates adversary and even ally. And the United States serves to be mixed at its control Asia-Pacific to government sanction seek hegemony the ambition of the world. The spokesman says, the United States is minatory to the punish of Korea, the volition that can let Korea people build socialistic power through free-standing self-improvement means only is more sturdy. American Boule voted with what high bank note holds with on July 25 the sanction that passed to be aimed at Russia, Iran a武汉夜网论坛nd Korea the Three Kingdoms as a result is second reading. American senate also voted on July 27 through this punish second reading. According to relevant and legislative process, this are second reading will hand in next be signed by American president Telangpu or overrule. Be aimed at this punish second reading, beijing of Russia president general and Iranian president Luhani all express to will adopt measure to give response. Original title: Korea condemnation United长沙夜生活论坛 States can be passed new sanction of government of one 佛山夜网论坛wheel pair is second reading

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