Korea PM2.5 level already exceeded cautionary level this year first ” fall haze an emergency measures ” release

Ministry of environment of ­   Korea releases a message to say, in view of the contaminant of atmosphere fine grained that already monitored (PM2.5) the level already exceeded relevant and cautionary level, from local time on January 13 6 when case to that day 21 when stop, be in Korea head Er, Ren Chuan and area of

section of road

thing capital city and its environs to release first “ since 2019 to fall ” of haze an emergency measures. 长沙夜品茶网” of “ an emergency measures includes to limit electricenergy production of power plant of Korea part fire佛山夜网论坛power, shorten time of construction site construction, dispatch road sweeps people长沙夜品茶网 of car, appeal to redu东莞夜品茶网ce a travel to wait. (CCTV reporter Tang Xi重庆夜生活论坛n) original title: Korea is released this year first ” fall haze an emergency measures “

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