Sakashenweili is malcontent Wu Kelan citizenship is cancelled to say to want a pineapple Shen Ke to draw get down from a horse

Shen Ke of Wukela东莞夜网论坛n’s president pineapple signed   of   of ­ of benefit of dimension of assorted of card of ­   Sa on July 26 command, does rice of the bey before city of Sa of heart of the president before Yingelujiya, Wu Kelan Ao with a ha depend on Er? Ceng Wei of benefit of dimension of Sa card assorted obtains Wu Kelan citizenship to provide an individual to black immigrant mechanism false information, the decision cancels citizenship of its Wu Kelan. This message 长沙夜生活论坛got immigration office of Wu Kelan state and Gelujiya that day of office of total chief procurator confirm. After this Sa blocks assorted dimension him benefit to state he already was in the United States personally. Media coverage says Wukelan of much recently home, sakashenweili will go back to the motherland on July 28, and its lawyer expresses, when to go back to the motherland to Sakashenweili not know the inside story. ­   occupies Russian new company on July 30 message, sakashenweili is accepting Gelujiya ” Lusidawe重庆夜生活论坛i 2 ” when the TV station is interviewed, express, wait for him to return base complementary when, regular meeting draws Shen Ke of Wukelan’s president pineapple重庆夜网论坛 get down佛山夜生活论坛 from a horse. Sa blocks say of assorted dimension benefit, “Pineapple Shen Ke cannot cast off me anyhow, contrarily, solidarity of opposition of all Wu Kelan was in his behavior one case… the case that there are a lot of leaders to want to drive a country out of his anti on the history, but when coming back, anti pulled down leader however. This will happen in Wukelan. My arrival will topple

regime of pineapple Shen Ke, we can return Wukelan with brand-new position. " Sakashenweili still weighs ­   , pineapple Shen Ke visits Gelujiya at coming 19 days on July 7, does datival Ex-premier Lujiya finish during Qi Na? Yimonisheweili held a secret to meet, during both sides is meeting with respect to procuratorial work

of case Lu Jiya member just offer concerned Sakashenweili to black of crime ” false ” evidence was reached consistent. (The exercitation compiles: Guo Tian is sweet go over a manuscript or draft: Qi Ying)

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